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Nov 22, 2013 7:00pm EST
come january? let's talk. we bring back john rutledge and don lufkin. i was writing a piece about this transition from paul volcker, i go all the way back to paul volcker, the greatest central banker of our time. he operated with discipline and rules, discipline and rules, okay? now i want to skip over to janet yellen, leave bernanke out for a second. does she have discipline? does she have rules? is it all going to be ad hoc? do we have any idea what she's going to be except maybe be dovish? >> i haven't seen any discipline or rules. but she's got equations and optimal control theory and too many textbooking. i think we need another volcker, somebody with spine who can turn off the money-printing press before a bad thing happens. that's partly what we're seeing just recently in the markets. we're going from gentle ben to the yellen fed and it's going to get even more quantitative easing. >> that's interesting. don, you think there's going to be more q.e. or less q.e.? i'm going to say in the next three to six months, just use that time. >> i think there's not going to be more. th
Nov 4, 2013 7:00pm EST
. i do want to go to my pal, don luskin. is there any particular message here? does this s.a.c. decision affect the market in any way? >> no, i don't think this is a fire sale forced march unwind like long-term capital management. this is not market affecting. i'm happy to say that we're in a world now in 2013 where for the first time in six years, even if there were some highly illiquid positions that they had to get out of in a hurry, nothing's contagious anymore. the world's a safe place so it's fine. you know what's not safe, though? it's not safe to be the 40th richest in man in the world. if they can't get you, they'll get your entity and they'll go after you and keep planting stories about your art collection and your mansion. as those things were prima facie evidence of your guilt and corruption. that's what's wrong with america. >> don luskin makes important points. i don't have to pass judgment. i don't know all the details here. is there, in your opinion, jeff, some class warfare involved in this? is there? >> absolutely, larry. look at mark cuban. he stuck up for ma
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2